4.3 PTR playtime (spoileriffic version)

So 4.3 is on the PTR now, and public character copy is available. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Void Storage

I know costs aren’t finalized, but right now Void Storage is prohibitively expensive. I knew that it would be a majorbig sum to unlock the void bank, which is fine (currently 1000g); the problem is that deposits and withdrawals ALSO cost money (right now it’s 100g per piece, both in and out). You guys, that is insane. I know it’s just fake money and everything, but seriously: insane. I have at least a hundred pieces of gear in my incredibly packratty bank, and just taking them all OUT of the bank and putting them into storage is another ten thousand gold. If I want to change my transmogrification for RP purposes (and you can damn well bet there are certainly people who will do exactly this), that’s not just a money sink; it’s a brutal cash hole from which there is no escape, and that makes me sad. It’s like a mobile company charging you for both sending and receiving texts, and it’s extortion. Fake extortion, in this case, but my inner fake capitalist is just fake beside herself.



The interface is pretty clever and intuitive, which is good, because there are no instructions for anything goddamn anywhere. You talk to the happy little spacemummy man, and drag the piece that you want your gear to look like into its appropriate slot in the happy little spacemummy man’s interface, and pay money per piece that appears to be equivalent to reforge costs. It cost me 316g to mog everything but my cloak (which I have turned off anyway), and I’m in primarily FL 378 gear (except for my STUPID STUPID STUPID shoulders, which are still 359). This is not bad at all, and I have no problems with this cost staying just where it is. It feels like it’s based on ilevel of the gear you’re converting, which is appropriate and allows low-level characters the opportunity to customize their look, too, while not being so expensive that changing your look back and forth is unreasonably putative.

End Times: Heroic 5

So, uh … what?

On the one hand, I am so incredibly pleased that they didn’t throw away the Infinite Dragonflight x Nozdormu OTP plot thread, which is something I loved like burning and was desperately hoping they would bring closure to at some point. They did this, and it is RAD, and the model for Evil Nozdormu makes me so very very very happy I do a little dance.

On the other hand, I am really, really hoping that it’s just that the instance isn’t finished yet, because right now it makes absolutely no fucking sense. There’s no story anywhere. All that stuff about how This Is Sad And Evil Tyrande Who Has Lost Her Faith in the preview? It’s not in here. Anywhere. You run around and kill some evil nightsabers until she unlocks, and then you go fumble around with your clicks for a while until you figure out that there’s a teleporter that takes you somewhere else. I figure the quests aren’t done, and that’s where you’ll find most of the story, but seriously, y’all, there’s nothing else in there. If they keep it that way I will be THE MADDEST PRIEST.

With that being said, the place is jaw-droppingly beautiful. I mean, it’s terrible and horrible and post-apocalyptic wasteland and so very very sad, but the visuals are completely stunning.

Patch Notes Grab Bag

So hey, sucks to all you Quebecois using good French names for your characters! Blizzard says those aren’t real letters and you can just go fuck yourselves with your accents ague.

I’m thinking they didn’t entirely think that one through.