Knight Lieutenant Sister Arolaide Jones, by Triese

Knight Lieutenant Sister Arolaide Jones, by Triese

Hello, friends! Welcome. My name is Aro.

I play a lot of games and I drink a lot of beer. I started playing WoW in the original beta after some formative years in Guild Wars, Star Wars: Galaxies, and Dark Age of Camelot. I have been playing PC games since I had to light torches so the grues would not get me, and I’ve been a beer aficionado since before I could spell the word “aficionado.”

I raided with a priest, and am still immensely fond of the class; I was holy through vanilla and BC, and was shadow through Wrath and Cataclysm.

I’m a lore nerd, an achievement junkie, and a closet RPer with a propensity for vast, sweeping backstory and a sucker for epic storytelling. I have a thing for dragons, and Warcraft II is my Blizzard favorite game. It was, in fact, why I played WoW. Outside of the Blizzard catalog, I am a Bioware junkie and still cling feverishly to my ancient ancient LucasArts and Sierra titles.

I have been known to shamefully make gear choices based on what is more aesthetically pleasing; this is one of the reasons why I went shadow. Shadowform hides a lot of the ugly, so I didn’t have to hang onto the pretty stuff.

The Dragonsworn are a prestige class from the World of Warcraft Dark Factions RPG; they are those mortals who are sworn into service for a particular dragon, or on their behalf. In short: my RP character is a special special snowflake, like all RP characters must be. I feel no shame.

I come from a culture that uses colorful metaphors as punctuation. Blog posts are a conversation for me, so I write the way I talk; if words like “fuckhole” and “shitstick” are a problem for you, you may not enjoy this place. Apologies!

It is more important to me to be funny than to be correct. It’s a common failing among my people.

If you’re looking to get in touch with me, I can be reached in the following ways:

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