Making a fashion statement

Making a fashion statement

If all 4.3 had given me was transmogrification, I would be the happiest camper in the whole wide world. In fact, it’s one of the few things that’s making me happy right now because I am sad and cynical and bitter and they can pry my lovely WC2 lore out of my cold dead hands, BUT THAT IS FOR ANOTHER POST.

Anyway. Transmogrification.

I do not begrudge the availability of shiny best-in-slot gear to anyone who wants to raid to get it, no matter how or when they do so. It’s just a game, and your achievement and acquisition do not in any way belittle mine, so that’s fine — but what does make me sad is every character by necessity looking like exactly every other character. This sucks, and it is SO AWESOME to have left it all behind. I’ve been actually enjoying LFG and LFR for the most part because I have a little inspect macro that I use to see how everyone has decided to present themselves (and I am incredibly disappointed whenever I come across an 85 who hasn’t bothered to define a Look).

I spent a lot of effort working out looks for my characters (well, Laikhaila’s was pretty obvious from the beginning), because presentation is important to me as someone who focuses on story-based and character-driven interaction.

Also, because I’m really, really shallow.


Arolaide Jones

I wish so bad there were a blue dragon tabard.

Arolaide is a solider; I’ve covered this a lot. On the one hand, I’m a little sad about this, because she has so much pretty, pretty gear — Transcendence and Avatar and Absolution, oh my! — but on the other, it’s so fun to wear trousers. I’ve been switching up her tabards and weapons to match; she’s currently sporting the Keepers of Time, because a) a dragon and b) it matches her amazing mace, Vagaries of Time, that you can’t even freaking see because goddamn power torrent goddam drowns out goddamn everything, GOD DAMN IT.

I’m sure eventually the novelty of being able to wear a tabard doesn’t suck will wear off, probably around when I pick up a pretty weapon that matches Ogri’la’s (seriously did they even try that on a female model? because omg, you guys), and I’ll piece together some awesome robes.

The only sad thing is that I have this vast collection of beautiful staves — Anathema, Greatstaff of the Nexus, Devotion, Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei, Nexus Key — and I can’t use any of them. It is making me CRAZY.


Yelena Samuels

Goddamn I love goblins.

And yet, on poor Yelena, my tiny goblin priest, I have NO STAVES yet she is CARRYING A STAFF. This is actually the LEAST unhappy-making thing on this look that I am actually not happy with at all, because I am a selfish soulless harpy who is never happy.

See, Avatar is beautiful and gorgeous; it is my favorite priest set. I love it a lot. I love the way Yelena’s ears stick out of the hood; what annoys me on a blood elf delights the crap out of me here PROBABLY BECAUSE SHE IS TINY and TINY THINGS ARE CUTE. However, there’s a big problem with Avatar, and that’s that the robe has a very defined midsection with its own built-in belt. There is only one single belt that matches, Belt of the Long Road, and it does so by looking essentially invisible. The belt comes from a BoP random drop epic pattern in SSC; the belt itself takes a metric shitton of fancy BC cloth. Unless you are yourself a tailor AND you are very lucky, you will never see this belt, and NOTHING ELSE WILL EVER MATCH EVER.

So uh all that rant means is I am rethinking her look. Maybe Incarnate, because she has adorable curly precious goblin pigtails that I would like to show off, but oh god I hate Gruul so much it’s so boooooooriiiiiiiinggggg.

My life: so hard.


Laikhaila Greyspell

That's right, I'M A WINNER.

A funny thing: everyone in the world was sure everyone else in the world would be whipping Judgement out, because I believe the consensus is that it is the most beautiful armor set they have ever developed (T2 as a whole is just fucking gorgeous across the board; one of the things I love about it — and one of the reasons why I’m using Judgement on Lai — is the way it moves. The animation on the skirt is just so fantastic, I love it a lot). But anyway so blah blah hipster transmog blah blah I love it but I won’t wear it because everyone else is — so no one is in it. I have seen one other character in all of my random PVE and PVP groups in both factions, and that was a Tauren warrior in the purple recolor (he looked totally great, for what it’s worth).

So thanks to everyone who was afraid of looking just like everyone else again, Laikhaila looks both unique and FUCKING SPECTACULAR. The Fel Iron Greatsword really helps put it together, I think (though if I HAD a mace, I would totally be all ups in a Sulfuron Hammer).

Also, for some reason wearing this set makes people completely insane in PVP, which is Lai’s primary focus. COMPLETELY INSANE. It’s amazing. Yes, please ignore the healers and look only at me! Please! I have a metric fuckton of resilience, I would LOVE for you to look only at me!


Tertius Lydgate

If you recognize his name, we can be friends.

I have a lot of little alts, but I haven’t really bothered to transmog them; for example, I have a goblin mage in stupid warlock heirlooms I’m totally itching to change, but I don’t play her enough to have put a set together for her, so it’s not really a big deal to me to get rid of my Headmaster’s Charge or Hood of Elements or whatever… except with this alt, my tiny dogmans rogue.

To be fair, I don’t really mind the rogue heirlooms; it’s a pretty good set that looks fine on the Worgen and it’s only impossohard to get gloves and pants that match. But the daggers — oh god, the daggers. Heartseekers look BORING. They are SO BORING. But you know what isn’t boring, and what I have held onto on Aro because it is just so gorgeous? The Fang of Oblivion from Ulduar. I love you, brief and shining moments of maily heirloom transmog bug. You made me so happy. ;_; <3 So what looks have you all gone for, and how much time have you spent farming old content to do it (which is my favorite part)? Matching sets, or crazy eye-searing piecemeals, like my friend and sensei Srs? What’s the best one you’ve seen so far? For me, props to my healy priest sister Kaleri, who is totally rocking the trousers, and my retired GL Liore for pairing her Absolution with some spectacular goblin goggles. :D