Meanwhile, in SWTOR...

Meanwhile, in SWTOR…

So last week SWTOR launched patch 1.3, which not only does some awesome stuff with crafting but also adds a per-server flashpoint group finder, which makes me so, so, so happy. This is after there were free population-consolidation server transfers (though all of my servers were origins, so I lost some of my I Started Playing Two Weeks Before Launch For A Reason You Bastards names SAHD FAIS), and I am absolutely delighted to see other people roaming around Taris and Hoth and, frankly, everywhere. There are three instances of both faction fleets, and that’s better than launch. Seriously: so happy.

I know SWTOR isn’t for everyone. I still will probably never understand how WoW managed to be all things for all people for so long (and I’d bet a million billion internet dollars that every gaming company in the world would also like to know how they pulled that off). In fact, if I were still an endgame player it might not be for me, either. I think I set foot in an Operation once, ever, when my family needed an extra healer, and without time to devote to being the absolute best #insertclass I can just dicking around and hopping from alt to alt to experience the awesomeness of class stories is really all I need from a game. I am totally willing to pay a monthly fee for KOTOR with a chat client bolted on

If you’re thinking of picking up some time in SWTOR with 1.3, I will give you absolutely the best piece of advice I can: MAKE FRIENDS WITH SLICERS AND CRAFTERS. Unlike item mods, which are transferable from piece to piece (and accordingly Bioware’s version of transmogrification), augment kits appear to be single-use only and while you can rip the actual augment out of your MK-6 kit, the kit itself is stuck to your Republic Dancer Bikini. Even if you aren’t interested in minmaxing gear yourself just spending credits to get Slicing crits for purple tech parts will fund those white power crystals you’ve had your eyes on. It’s so great, seriously.

But my favorite thing, my favorite FAVORITE thing, is that the GTN (the auction house, for you wow friends still reading along) is now globally linked. There is no Republic GTN and Imperial GTN, it is all one giant GTN. This is so great, both from a story perspective (hello, this is a universe with an entire pistol-toting, starship-flying class devoted to making sure both sides of the Sometimes War get goods and services) and a quality-of-life one. Drops aren’t limited by faction, so it’s totally feasible for your Imperial Agent to turn up a schematic for a piece of armor class-locked to Jedi Knights. Selling that shit is a HUGE pain in the ass, and more often than not it just got vendored. This was even more prevalent with companion gifts: very few Imperial companions really gave a shit about Republic Memorabilia gifts, you know? But now: not a problem. It’s so great for crafting and even just general inventory control. And, as an aside: everyone knows that there’s no faction language block in SWTOR, right? Your Sith can chat it up with Jedi friends in Corellia because everyone either speaks Galactic Basic or has translator implants. Things that make me happy: THAT. Doing away with stupid arbitrary boundaries like that make for a richer world. You hearing me, Magically At Level 10 Pandaren No Longer Speak The Same Language?

In other news, this week you can follow me making a complete fool of myself on the Cat Context podcast, which you can pick up at ♥