Through Your Interface: Best Screenshot

It is very nice when, as a new blog author, someone provides you with content ideas that you can then plumb for your own interesting writing opportunities. World of Saz has done exactly this, with Through Your Interface: 15 Days of Screenshots.

This was actually really hard, because I’ve taken a lot of shots I’ve considered especially good, or with the direct and specific intention of being artistic, but this is the hardest thing I have ever worked for and something I was certain I’d never be able to get:



It took forty-three caches before it dropped, and it dropped the second week of November, 2010 — basically the very last chance I had to get it before 4.0 dropped and they removed the bag from the loot table. I ran randoms every day for two years and only 43 times did I get the Oculus, and only once did it actually give me my drake.

The drake was important because it is blue, and specifically for RP nerd reasons: this is Nialgos the Bookminder, Lieutenant Jones’s partner re: dragonswearing. Not having the drake didn’t stop me from RP nerding, but having him to pull out and screenshot eleventy billion times sure made me super, super happy.

The original filename for this screenshot was “fuckingfinally.jpg.” Sometimes RNG relents for me just a little, and only after I’ve had a long-ass time to squirm.