Through Your Interface: Player Housing

It is very nice when, as a new blog author, someone provides you with content ideas that you can then plumb for your own interesting writing opportunities. World of Saz has done exactly this, with Through Your Interface: 15 Days of Screenshots.

Because Arolaide Jones is in active duty in the Stormwind military, there is more than one place she lives — though really only one she calls home, because “home” is a very important concept to someone who spends ninety percent of any given year in military engagements.


What I have always loved about this little place is its windowbox. What better for a farmgirl away from home?

This is the Lieutenant’s apartment in Stormwind, a tiny little building in the Cathedral district tucked away in a quiet corner by the apple trees (so, not quiet during that particular daily, I suppose). I have always imagined it very spartan, so the size suits her; Aro doesn’t have much STUFF, but what she has is very carefully chosen. The curve of the door and the excellent polish on the window really make it very Aro-like.


The farm, the Home, and Burny's workshop (it's the one with all the smoke).

This is her actual home, the Jones family brewery and Sister Arolaide’s Home for Orphaned Whelps. Her father managed to keep the brewery going (very hoppy pale ales are their specialty) even during all of Westfall’s troubles, and Aro’s commission funded her own house on the neighboring plot.

It is one of the few places in Westfall that is consistently green, and the gnolls know better than to screw around there.