Through Your Interface: Representing You

It is very nice when, as a new blog author, someone provides you with content ideas that you can then plumb for your own interesting writing opportunities. World of Saz has done exactly this, with Through Your Interface: 15 Days of Screenshots.

This one is so easy that it almost feels like cheating.

Aro in a nutshell

My guildmates often end up knowing me better than I know myself.

I try very hard not to be The Lore Guy, the one who interrupts raid discussions to talk about why things are the way they are (or, more often, why they should not be the way they are, god damn it THAT IS NOT THE REAL TIRION FORDRING), but every now and then I can’t help myself and I get an urge to throw out a little something into what would otherwise be quiet time. In this case, we were on our first night of attempts on 25LK, and the valkyries were absolutely wrecking us because we didn’t have enough slows. So in the middle of some good-natured bitching about mechanics that suck, I offered the lore perspective.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, something that damned near everyone in the entire expansion except Tirion (“There is nothing left to redeem. Only shadows from the past remain.”) kept forgetting is that the Lich King was not actually Arthas Menethil. The Lich King was actually a demon-puppeted (Kil’jaeden: many fingers, many many pies) orc (that would be Ner’zhul) wearing a clever Arthas suit. This was mentioned in an early quest in Howling Fjord, where a shaman sends you into the spirit realm to learn about the Vrykul and the Lich King is there and smells shaman on you; “How interesting. I was a shaman, once.” Arthas was not a shaman, he was a Brother of the Silver Hand. Ner’zhul is the one talking, there, and is the one talking every time the Lich King opens his mouth, because Arthas is not here anymore. The only fragment of Arthas Menethil still in Azeroth was the tiny terrifying ghost boy Matthias Lehner, trapped in the Pit of Shadows under Icecrown Citadel.

See? Sometimes it just runs away with me and I can not shut up about it. Aro in a nutshell indeed.

Sister Arolaide in shadowform

Sister Arolaide in Shadowform

The only thing this screenshot is missing is a tiny whelp just over her shoulder; however, I can excuse this by noting (like a dork) that in RP-verse, Aro was very pointed about not allowing any of the whelps to come to Ulduar because that is an Old God. “But I was with you in Ahn’Qiraj” was not an acceptable response. Poor whelps.

What I love about this screenshot is how perfectly amazing the T8 armor made shadowform look. The glowing eyes with the rising shadow tendrils is one of my very favorite looks in this game, ever.