Through Your Interface: Title of Choice

It is very nice when, as a new blog author, someone provides you with content ideas that you can then plumb for your own interesting writing opportunities. World of Saz has done exactly this, with Through Your Interface: 15 Days of Screenshots.

My title of choice is a result of having translated in-game events to RP backstory.

It all started with collecting tabards (exalted PVP — which I still haven’t finished — and BC reps) and tailoring recipes (Thorium Brotherhood and Timbermaw to revered in Vanilla). And then, it became this huge thing: all fake people must love me, especially dragons!

And so for six years, every time there is a new reputation released, I have to grind it. I have to make them love me. Because everyone knows Sister Arolaide, so I have to reinforce and replicate that in game. It doesn’t matter how many stupid dark iron ore I have to pick up or how many times I have to whack pygmies with giant mallets, I WILL BE EXALTED, or ELSE. I even had Wildhammer exalted in Vanilla (so many trolls killed, you guys. So many) because it gave me 10% off gryphon costs. Of course, they took that rep away so you couldn’t get a discount on flight training, and then brought it back at 0 neutral those bastards.

The only thing that would make my life more complete in a rep grind is if there were a faction for whom I could buy beer for rep. Wouldn’t that be rad? “Drinks are on the house!” should totally get you dwarf rep, for serious.

Arolaide the Exalted

Arolaíde the Exalted: earned in the Dark Times (2009) before I knew I could petition a GM to get my real name back.