Transmogrification: a big fancy word for “RP in raids”


Sister Arolaide: SRS! SOLDIER! BUSINESS!

I’ve been thinking a whole lot about transmogrification since they announced it. A whole, whole lot, because this is an effective way for someone like me who enjoys RP and has a story to tell but not much time to tell it around the whole raiding thing to actually, you know, RP. Changing my armor’s appearance means I will never again have to deal with god-awful terrifying giant fuckoff spiders on fire or ridiculous birdbaths, but it also means that I have to, you know, decide what it should look like.

So a month of scouring my tailoring recipes, my hilariously full binary packrat bank, and every single piece of cloth armor available through WMV later, what I’ve come up with is a mishmash of grafted greens, old tier armor, and some honor points I happened to have lying around.

I love Transcendence and Avatar very very much, but so does every other priest with any sense of style whatsoever, and one of the things that frustrates me about WoW is that every character of a certain rank and level must by necessity look exactly the same. This sameness is especially galling in Shadowform, when all you can see is the silhouette anyway. So while I have those and will probably switch them in and out as the whims strike me, I’m not interested in making that my primary “look,” per se.

For a while I also considered putting together a full-scale Dragonsworn-y RP set, and I struggled some with what that would look like since most of my Dragonsworn “gear” are pieces with interesting and appropriate names (Drape of the Spellweaver; Greatstaff of the Nexus) or things that mean a lot to me but belong to slots that aren’t moggable or visible (Memory of Malygos, my very favorite item ever; Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight). There’s no dragonwrought gear, really, unless you consider the Ahn’Qiraj tier 2.5 (which I sort of do; Aro is wearing Oracle with the awesome awesome bugmace in her figureprint), so other than the Fang of Korialstrasz I don’t have anything ICly approprite — and, frankly, that dagger is really, really hard to match with priest gear. I can’t stand not matching, okay, regardless of whether or not shadowform hides the miscoloring. I can see it on the login screen, I KNOW IT’S THERE.

So, instead of going with my Special Snowflake Princess Hero Class as a gear theme, I went more simply: this is a soldier.

What does this soldier do?

She wears some goddamn pants and covers her motherfucking midriff, that is what she does.

And finally, after six freaking years of collecting tabards and being unable to wear them because they look god-awful with robes, I get to wear one. FINALLY.

I am so excited for this patch, you guys. SO EXCITED.