With friends like these…. [meme taggery]

So my Good Twin Liore, because she enjoys tormenting me, said that she wanted to see what I came up with re: Gnomageddon‘s Sixth Screenshot meme, because I have this thing about screenshots, and that thing is that I take A LOT of them.

The conversation in IRC when she mentioned this to me went like so:

<Aro_> … oh god WHICH SIXTH? How do I sort them? Like sixth ALPHABETICALLY or BY DATE or FILE SIZE or oh god oh god oh god
<Liore-at-work> Yeah, that’s about what I was expecting.

So there are actually a lot of images here, because I went a little crazy.



This is the sixth screenshot in my warcraft directory sorted by filename; this is I believe the second night MCats spent on Illidan, or maybe even the first; Council was a nightmare because we were short on interrupts, so getting past that had us all high on life. This has me really nostalgic because BC raiding was so amazing, and at this point I think I’d been with the Cats for a month, maybe two; Liore could probably pinpoint the exact date (this is one of the few that doesn’t have the date in the filename) since she’s wearing the priest on a stick and that only dropped the one time (FIST-SHAKEY!).

Lady Vashj

This is the one I get when I sort them by last modified; this is from Cross of Vengeance’s first night on Vashj, taken while possibly Aerista, possibly Ryven, possibly my main man Srs is talking strategy (and talking and talking and talking and talking and talking). Vashj was the second-most mechanically complicated fight I’ve ever done, the first being original-flavor Horsemen (eight tanks whoooooooooo).

But I am not one to deny Liore’s schadenfreudic torment, and two images is not enough. Seriously. My screenshot collections are insane. But since I did a WoW-trospective in the last post, I need to break out the big guns, and those guns are the terrifying depths of my SWTOR screenshot gallery.

Star Wars The Old Republic_2011-12-17_16-47-38

Agent Rari is interested in your theories and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

Technically the sixth subfolder in my SWTOR directory is Rari’s, my Operative main on Giradda the Hutt. Playing an Operative healer is like being a tree druid with a rifle and a backstab, and I love it SO MUCH I need new pants. I also love Rari desperately; she falls under the Jason Bourne spectrum of the JB Trinity of Espionage Asskickery and is SO TIRED of the Sith, you guys. SO TIRED.

Lieutenant Dennast Duskshatter

Lieutenant Duskshatter really thinks you big whiny babies need to suck it up and walk it off.

In the giant, 3100-image strong unsorted directory, this is the sixth (by most recent date): Dennast, the arrestingly handsome Commando. Green dudes are hot, yo. Commando healing is pretty interesting because even at level 14 I am almost impossible to kill even without all of Rari’s evasion and stealth tricks, and that is NUTS.


Poor Yarriq. Everyone thought he was a frat boy who got lost on his way to a kegger.

Sixth image sorted by oldest date is my ex-Consular Yarriq, who was retired at level 16 because I could not cope with Nolan North’s voice coming out of a character who did not look like a huge douchey dudebro. I like his voice work a lot, it’s just … his vocal style represents a particular archetype, and a distinguished Zabrak Jedi … was not it.

Star Wars The Old Republic_2011-12-18_12-30-31

The Balmorra Munitions Factory. I died three times framing this shot, stupid elites.

Just to keep the theme going, the sixth image in this post is my current favorite (not-spoilery) screenshot. There are a lot of people who criticize TOR’s graphics and insist that it is an ugly game, and I wonder if they’ve maybe just spent too much time on Hutta (which is hideous, likely by design). Everything about this setpiece, from the sunset clouds to the matte with the distant background to the detailing on the capital ship makes me happy in my heart. SO PRETTY.

I know tagging is how memes get around, but I think I’m probably the last person this has come to so — if you have interesting images to share, share them! I LOVE pretty pictures of paper dolls, it’s kind of my weakness.