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Sitting squarely in the Venn overlap of geeky and sparkly, this is a home for all things nerdy made with love and glitterbombs.

The Wheel of Time

Television I have been waiting for since 1992, immortalized in a fabulous array of holographic, multichrome, and flakie-bomb polishes.

Critical Role 3

The characters of Critical Role’s third campaign are absolutely bringing the sparkle.

Natural 20 D&D Looks

Whether your tastes run toward orderly or chaotic, this pressed palette of shimmers and multichromes is right up your alley.


All-natural handmade soap bars inspired by Eevee’s eight evolutions, and are all sparkly and adorable.

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Critical Role

A full compliment of shadow, polish, and scented goodies to channel your favorite nerdy-ass voice actors.


Current favorite kissing books: focusing on the many and varied flavors of moonshine liquor and the found family that distills it.

Sailor Moon

An awesome collection of thermal nail polishes for punishing in the name of the moon.