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Custom Dice Commissions
Would you like a set of custom resin dice for whatever flavors of TTRPG float your fancy? I would love to make them for you, and since I handmake everything from start to finish your choices and options are literally infinite!

About Dice Commissions

A 7pc set of standard-sized 20mm polyhedral dice (please note my sphericon d4; I do not cast tetrahedrons because I hate them) start at $80, including a cast-until-you-love-them guarantee and custom finish, with hand-mixed acrylic inking so everything matches perfectly. I can also cast adorably tiny 15mm baby sets starting at $60 or giant 30mm or chonker sets suitable for full nerdy terrariums starting at $120.  I am also happy to do single d20s in sizes up to 50mm!

Budget considerations to keep in mind: certain techniques (like resin layering, suspensions, or snowglobes) and any handmade acetate or resin inclusions add to the cost, and also I can add additional dice to any set for a flat fee (I got you and your brutal criticals, Barbarians).

If these things interest you, please drop your email below so I can keep track, and then once your number comes up I will zip you an email and we will chat about the amazing art I can make for you!

Waitlist Population, July 2024: 1

If you want to know your placement or need to leave the list for any reason, please feel free to drop a line via the contact form.

Also, please make sure you have dragonsworn.net emails whitelisted, especially if you use gmail! I am HOSTED by google, and yet gmail seems to think I send only spam. If you haven’t gotten an email from me and think you should have, PLEASE reach out. I want everyone to have the beautiful dice of their dreams!

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