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D&D Alignment Chart

(7 customer reviews)


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Are you feeling Lawful with just a hint of Chaos? Want to embrace some selfishness with a touch of Neutrality? Then this 9-well mirrored palette is right up your alley!

The palette is arranged in standard Dungeons and Dragons morality chart order, with the Law to Chaos axis horizontally and Good to Evil axis vertically.

These shadows are handmade with all-natural ingredients, and are mineral pigments mixed with sericite mica, arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, and magnesium stearate, and then pressed with a binding medium of jojoba oil and Vitamin E oil for a super smooth and ultra-pigmented blending awesomeness.

All nine colors are vegan; Chaotic Good and Lawful Evil are not lip safe.

7 reviews for D&D Alignment Chart

  1. Ness (verified owner)

    What a great palette! The colours are gorgeous. They go on sheer for a subtle look, or you can build them up for a bold eye. 10/10 would alignment again

  2. J.C. (verified owner)

    (rating only)

  3. BookGeekGrrl & M C (verified owner)

    Really love the rich, silky texture of this eyeshadow. Lasts well. Shipping was crazy fast like usual.

  4. Mary (verified owner)

    This is wonderful and arrived so quickly! I love this shop.

  5. Manpreet (verified owner)

    (rating only)

  6. Emily B (verified owner)

    Great little palette! I'd consider all of these to be accent colors. Personally, I never wear one color all over. They blend well with eyeshadow brushes, but if you want a more saturated look, apply carefully with finger. Pic shows the green (Lawful Evil) and the periwinkle blue (Neutral Good).

  7. Gabrielle S

    (rating only)

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 0.5 in

arrowroot powder, jojoba oil, kaolin clay, magnesium stearate, sericite mica, vitamin e oil


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D&D Alignment Chart


In stock

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