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Custom Character Fragrance

(109 customer reviews)


  • What name would you like on the label?

    Please describe your inspiration and/or what you're looking for, making sure to tell me things that you both definitely want AND definitely DON'T want.

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Would you like to have a perfume for your Warden to go well with your Alistair body butter? Is your Shepard one to wear girly delicate perfume while kicking Geth ass? Does your Lavellan really, really like things like blackberry pie and rage? Is your tiefling barbarian fond of brimstone and cedar? I can mix that up for you, in a 10ml roll-on container with organic cold-pressed jojoba oil carrier.

Tell me all about this character or scene you want to evoke and we will work out whatever you’d like, mixed up just for you.

Important caveat: my niche is fictional translation and representation; please don’t ask me to duplicate existing fragrances because I have no way of knowing how someone else’s work was made and I don’t want to disappoint anyone!

109 reviews for Custom Character Fragrance

  1. Mallory (verified owner)

    These are absolutely amazing! I talked with Cal through what I like in terms of scent and they all came out splendid! I mentioned that I don't like too food-y scents because they can smell artificial, but one fragrance smells like a strawberry dessert that just smells like I've been sitting all day in a fresh bakery! My coworkers constantly ask about what I'm "wearing" because they all smell so good!

  2. Pirate R (verified owner)

    (rating only)

  3. Kai (verified owner)

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  4. DeerBoyinHeadlights (verified owner)

    both these fragrances are absolutely gorgeous! I got a perfume based on my Warden and one based on my Commander Shepard, and they both smell exactly like I imagine their inspirations to. I love them both so much!

  5. Samantha N (verified owner)

    I’ve asked for a couple of different scents, and it always amazes me how Cal manages to knock it out of the park every time! I really appreciate the level of skill it takes to distill an abstract concept into a scent!

  6. Eden F (verified owner)

    It’s exactly as the title says. I put in an order for a scent that would be like my favorite boy from One Piece and being a yumejoshi, this scent was to be very, very important to me. When I opened the bottle and rolled it to give it a try, I actually teared up a little. The scent is so perfect, it’s immediately brought me so much comfort and joy. I’ve had a hard time for ages pinning down *exactly* what Shachi would smell like and just with the description alone, Cal nailed it. This is it. If I could give 10 stars, I would. Thank you so, SO much. You’ve made me incredibly happy and comforted today- I’ll be returning in the future for sure.

  7. shelbytflatt (verified owner)

    I absolutely adore Cal’s ability to transform rambling descriptions into scents. She perfectly captured the “warm mom” essence of my Pathfinder summoner so well with very few notes on my end. I love the scent so much, I wear it every day during autumn and winter since I have gotten it!

  8. shelbytflatt (verified owner)

    I love this scent so much; it really captures what I imagine my wannabe popstar Pathfinder character to smell like. Cal is very clearly a miracle worker, as she somehow managed to include the fruity scents from my notes (watermelon and citrus) without making me smell like I took a ramble through B&BW while still smelling absolutely amazing.

  9. Maria B (verified owner)


    I wanted to write and let you know that I love Antonia. It seems very like her: reckless yet sweet. It’s very well blended and I wear it a lot. Oh and those big online stores could learn a thing or two about shipping from you



  10. Ren B (verified owner)

    The scent came out absolutely perfect!

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Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 3.5 in

jojoba oil

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Custom Character Fragrance


  • What name would you like on the label?

    Please describe your inspiration and/or what you're looking for, making sure to tell me things that you both definitely want AND definitely DON'T want.

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