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Sailor Mercury


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This is a full size (15ml) bottle of handmade custom nail polish mixed with all-natural mineral pigments on a 10-Free lacquer base. What is 10-Free? It’s nail polish free of the most harmful chemicals: without formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, phthalates, or fragrances. Beautiful inside and out!

This color is inspired by Ami Mizuno, Sailor Mercury, and is a henshin-themed fuku-colored thermal polish that shifts from dark blue to light blue.

8 reviews for Sailor Mercury

  1. birdscall


    I've bought a lot of nail polish from this shop, and Sailor Mercury is one of my favorites. The default "warm" shade is a gorgeous transparent icy blue — a bit lighter than what comes through in the photo (at least to me) and great for summer.

  2. minimuskat


    (rating only)

  3. Jonah


    It’s a bit sheer so it takes more layers to show up but it’s honestly such a pretty blue!!

  4. Jessica Dubiel


    Love this polish! The cold color in such a pretty deep blue and then it warms up and its glowing periwinkle color! Polish has a great formula was quick to dry and has worn well! Would totally buy again! ❤️

  5. Elizabeth Brandow


    (rating only)

  6. Tiffany King-Vargson


    I'm very much enjoying the thermal nail polish! Blue is my favorite color, and this does not disappoint. The light blue reminds me of a frost-like color. The darker shade is a gorgeous royal blue. Whether warm, cold, or with fading from base to tip, this is a definite winner for me.

  7. largdelc21


    Fantastic! The formula is kinda thin, so you need a few layers, but it dries really quickly and evenly! This specific colour is very matte compared to the other ones I bought, so I love the variety 🙂

  8. Catherine Winters


    I just bought this polish and used it for the first time at a girls’ night. The color transitions extremely well. It was very fun to see, since three of us used it and all have different circulation/warmth to our hands. We all absolutely loved it and can’t wait to buy more of these transition colors from Dragonsworn! I know what I will be getting everyone for Christmas.

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2.75 in



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