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Sailor Moon

(22 customer reviews)


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This is a full size (15ml) bottle of handmade custom nail polish mixed with all-natural mineral pigments on a 10-Free lacquer base. What is 10-Free? It’s nail polish free of the most harmful chemicals: without formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, phthalates, or fragrances. Beautiful inside and out!

This color is inspired by Usagi Tsukino, Sailor Moon, and is a henshin-themed fuku-colored thermal polish that shifts from royal blue to pink.

22 reviews for Sailor Moon

  1. RobinIV

    Really cool effect. The warmer shade in mine shows as more of a lilac than a pink. But that could be something with my application. Still a very pretty color as well as the royal blue which shows up perfectly.

  2. cassi

    My first thermal nail polish and ohmygosh IT'S SO PRETTY! It's more of a lilacy shade for me but it's so pretty and the cute little transitions to blue when it's cold- SUPER COOL!! I've gotten so many compliments :). But it's just the right colors for Sailor Moon <3
    The polish lasts through my crazy retail job and general klutziness!

  3. Jonah

    This is honestly my new favorite nail polish now!! It’s so pretty and really fun to see the color change!

  4. Courtney H (verified owner)

    This is a gorgeous color that I wear all the time. So many compliments!!

  5. chellio (verified owner)

    The thermal effect works as expected, and it's super fun! I don't even have to do anything for it to change– if I go outside it goes dark blue, and if I'm warm and cozy indoors it's a beautiful purpleish pink. And of course hand washing is fun. It only goes true pink if I'm in the shower/tub but my body temp runs a tad cool anyway. I'm super stoked and have been trying to convert my friends to thermal polish! I also appreciate that this is a creamy polish and doesn't have any sparkles… so many thermals are sparkly and that's just not my style so yay!

    I applied this over a ridge filling base coat and over one coat of a pink OPI polish because I was concerned about opacity. I think I could've been ok without the pink base but I love how it came out! It has lasted well but I seriously have like 6-7 coats on my nails so idk.

  6. Payton C (verified owner)

    (rating only)

  7. Alanna M (verified owner)

    (rating only)

  8. Charli R (verified owner)

    This polish is amazing and works just as pictured! Shipped quickly and arrived with a cute little sample soap. Honestly, I’ll probably buy this polish in every other color eventually.

  9. Ian N (verified owner)

    (rating only)

  10. Jaimee S (verified owner)

    This is by far the best nail polish I've ever used. It dries quickly, lasts longer than others, and doesn't chip as easily. It takes two coats to get my desired color, but since it dries so quickly it doesn't matter. The colors are beautiful!

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Sailor Moon


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