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Scented Top Coat

(43 customer reviews)


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Who wants dull, boring manicures? No one, when you can have gloriously shiny manicures scented with your favorite fragrance!

This is a full-size 15ml bottle of 10-free top coat (technically, it can also be used as a base coat in a pinch, but it’s very glossy) with your favorite nerdy scent added, so you can carry the perfume on your nails once they dry. This makes it 9-free, technically, but it’s natural fragrance oils so maybe more like 9.5-free.

The fragrance oil can tint the clear coat slightly (particularly darker botanical extract-filled scents like Thane), but in my testing it doesn’t appreciably change the color — if anything, it’s like a warm saturation layer in Photoshop. It also does take slightly longer to dry, about two minutes for contact and fifteen for full pressure, but I think it’s worth it to have a 10(9)-free topcoat with an awesome wide brush. Also, I love nerd perfume.

43 reviews for Scented Top Coat

  1. Lynley

    good long-lasting topcoat that dries quickly, probably the quickest drying topcoat I've ever had. the scent is less noticeable after the first 2 days.

  2. Molly

    (rating only)

  3. Rachel A

    I love this top coat! Dries super fast and the scent lingers for a few days. The bottle also lasts a while, I wasn’t even finished with my first one that I purchased back in September! Sadly had to purchase this new one as a sally Hansen polish color got into and ruined my original bottle

  4. Quentin D

    (rating only)

  5. Kai

    ooooo, the size of this is gonna last me a long time. yay! you can't smell the scent right off the bat, but im going to update this once i use it.

  6. Omnimelon

    Wonderful top coat! Thank you so much!

  7. Jiro

    Amazing customer service and cullens scent is wonderful! It smells strongly of caramel to me which I love but doesn’t necessarily remind me of cullen. Maybe it’s just my nose not being able to make out the other scent notes. The product goes on well and leaves a nice shine like it’s supposed to!

  8. Virginia

    It smells amazing! I got the Thane scent and it is chef’s kiss 😚. Made my nails very shiny

  9. Abigail

    (rating only)

  10. bluelemons1427 (verified owner)

    Got the scent Jack and I gotta say it was a good choice. The top coat itself is nice and shiny and the scent lasts for much longer than I expected

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 2.75 in
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Scented Top Coat


  • Which fragrance would you like? You can view all available fragrances and their descriptions here.

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