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Custom Nail Polish Color

(216 customer reviews)


  • What name would you like on the label?

    Please describe your inspiration and/or what you're looking for, making sure to tell me things that you both definitely want AND definitely DON'T want.

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Do you have a personal character who deserves their own nail polish color, or need a badass manicure to match your new dice at your next tabletop night, or any other particular thing you’d like that I don’t offer? I can match colors or other fandoms that don’t have full lines or fill out personal or cosplay needs and it is my VERY FAVORITE THING.

Like all my polishes, your custom color will be a full size (15ml) bottle of handmade custom nail polish mixed with all-natural mineral pigments on a 10-Free lacquer base. What is 10-Free? It’s nail polish free of the most harmful chemicals: without formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, camphor, formaldehyde resin, xylene, ethyl tosylamide, parabens, phthalates, or fragrances. Beautiful inside and out!

Please send me your awesome specifications with the more images the better, and feel free to open convos or IM me on any platform with more information! I will mix up something just for you.

216 reviews for Custom Nail Polish Color

  1. Tina (verified owner)

    Loved the custom color shift, and the custom name on the bottle! Thanks Cal!

  2. Tien (verified owner)

    (rating only)

  3. Ana R (verified owner)

    Seller followed what I asked for my Pike Trickfoot nail polish and it looks beautiful.

  4. leedeeyah1 (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered probably 4 custom polishes from Dragonsworn now and every single one of them has been stunning and exceeded my expectations. Cal has this amazing talent of being able to read my mind and perfectly nail exactly what I’m envisioning every single time. I’ve never been disappointed, and am just biding my time until my next order 🙂

  5. Greg (verified owner)

    I requested a custom polish based on Orpheus from Stray Gods and it turned out absolutely STUNNING! Seriously INCREDIBLE! Cal captured exactly what I was looking for.

  6. Greg (verified owner)

    This custom polish inspired by Charming path Grace from Stray Gods is one of the nicest polishes I have ever owned. Every bit as empowering as I hoped she’d be!

  7. Greg (verified owner)

    I’d never ordered a custom polish before I requested this custom polish based off Calliope from Stray Gods, but Cal’s polishes were so pretty I felt in good hands to trust her with one of my favorite characters of all time. I was a little nervous to order something that wasn’t for an oc, but Cal knocked it out of the park! I highly recommend trying this option for something I bit more bespoke. It’s not only beautiful but feels like a gift!

  8. shelbytflatt (verified owner)

    I decided to finally commission a custom character polish after using Cal’s polishes for years. She took my rambling notes on my Pathfinder character and transformed them into a lovely polish that definitely captures the essence of my summoner! It chips way less than any store brand I have ever bought, just like every other Dragonsworn polish.

  9. shelbytflatt (verified owner)

    Once more, Cal has perfectly captured the essence of my DnD characters. She is always very prompt with responses (despite my email issues), and even reached out about creating a top coat instead of a regular polish, which worked out wonderfully! Picture is Pansy over silver, purple, and black for visuals. And oh boy does she shimmer every color of the rainbow in the sun! I have to be careful by the window at work.

  10. shelbytflatt (verified owner)

    Oh boy I think this is my favorite polish I’ve ever worn, and I think it’s also gotten the most compliments of any polish I’ve worn, ever! Cal perfectly captured the essence of my Pathfinder character with the way the colors shift between different lights. It also lasts a very long time before chipping or peeling, so I can enjoy watching the shimmer for a good while.

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Custom Nail Polish Color


  • What name would you like on the label?

    Please describe your inspiration and/or what you're looking for, making sure to tell me things that you both definitely want AND definitely DON'T want.

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