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Nail Polish Sampler

(191 customer reviews)


  • You can check out the nail polish list for all the colors currently available!

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Can’t decide what colors you want, or just want to try out a bunch of different colors without making your wallet cry? Pick any three non-limited edition, non-clearanced colors out of the entire shop and get one itty bitty 5ml sample of each!

191 reviews for Nail Polish Sampler

  1. Millie (verified owner)

    I picked Kaidan, Morrigan and Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon stole my heart and my boyfriend got me full size along a few other Sailor Moon themed polishes. Super fun, and definitely a good way to try the different polishes.

  2. bluelemons1427 (verified owner)

    Picked Tali, Sailor Saturn, and Sailor Mars. It was amazing to be able to try these 3. Tali and Sailor Saturn were stunning and definetly colours I would buy in the future. But it was nice to see Sailor Mars in person and how it looked when applied (Wasn’t bad colours but wasn’t really for me)

  3. bluelemons1427 (verified owner)

    This sampler has Maya, Sailor Moon, and Gray. Maya was an absolute winner and gave off such an iridescent look, Gray was such a rich and shiny colour, and I’m glad I bought a sample of Sailor Moon as while it was stunning, the colours weren’t something I could see myself wearing often

  4. bluelemons1427 (verified owner)

    Had Hawke, Fenris, and Vex’ahila to test and I’m happy I did as it helped see how they looked in-person. Hawke was a stunning orangey red, Fenris was a gorgeous shiny grey, and Vex’ahila was a delicious dark shiny black

  5. bluelemons1427 (verified owner)

    Chose Matrim, Isabella, and Legion to sample was not disappointed. Legion was a stunning grey, albeit a bit too dark for my tastes, Matrim was very glittery and with delicious glitter combos, and Isabella was a very delectable gold polish.

  6. Greg (verified owner)

    I ordered samples of the Iron Bull, Caduceus, and Tali colors, and they’re all gorgeous! I’m going to need full sizes of all 3 of these when I run out.

  7. Greg (verified owner)

    I’m really glad these samples exist! Online I thought Maya and Caduceus would be similar shades but in real life they’re very different. I was glad for the chance to get them both at the same time so that I could see this and figure out which shade of pink works better for me. Fearne and Lawful Evil were instant faves and will be reordered soon. Maya I’ll need to try out different ways to get used to.

  8. Greg (verified owner)

    Scanlan, Lex, and Rachel are all very pretty in person and super useful for my wardrobe. If I had to pick which one gave the most serotonin I think it would be a very close tie between Scanlan and Lex, but that’s because I love purple and these are both very eye catching purples. I also really like Rachel. If you’re looking for a unique gold, you can’t go wrong!

  9. Greg (verified owner)

    Imogen, Laudna, and Ashton all do their characters proud! I was 99% certain I would love Laudna and Imogen, but I wasn’t sure how Ashton would look in person. Turns out even though the ladies’ polishes are very pretty and definitely staple colors for me, it’s Ashton that Requires me to get a full size bottle ASAP! Taking the risk with them paid off in a good way.

  10. Greg (verified owner)

    Yasha and Pike are gorgeous in person and exactly what I expected from them! Gideon is lighter in real life than appeared on my monitor. Still a very pretty and probably very useful green, though just not as in your face and intense as I had hoped!

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Nail Polish Sampler


  • You can check out the nail polish list for all the colors currently available!

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